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Making Web Maps – 6 Sites to Consider

So you want start making web maps! Some popular methods are listed below, starting with the more boring methods and they become progressively more interesting.

Making Web Maps – 6 Sites to Consider

On Google Sheets its not so obvious how to make a map. You make a new sheet, go to insert and select ‘Chart’. Once in the dialogue box, click the chart types tab, and scroll down to ‘map’.

On Google My Maps you can throw some markers onto a map with some very minor customizing.

Making web maps here can be tricky. You can upload any table, excel, google sheets, or create a table. Then you select a row that will be used as coordinates (coordinates, addresses, cities, etc) and the click around and be confused.

You register and then the magic begins! Click on ‘map’ at the top and either add markers and labels, commonly upload data, or bring data from the Living Atlas. Then set the privacy to ‘Public’ to share you map, and then either ‘Embed on Map’ or ‘Create Web App”. If you create a Web App you can do this new thing called ‘Story Mapping’ which can be very cool if you have a good idea. However, take some tutorials on making web maps first.

Some people don’t like taking tutorials. Consequently, Google Earth created this incredibly easy and very interactive application. Make a tour on this map for your next ‘Look at my amazing vacation with pictures attached to each location’. In conclusion, it one day will be convenient, however at the moment it is extremely buggy due to the Google Earth API still being in its testing phase. Be aware, that you published product may be different than what you may see in your user interface due to a very misleading, buggy ‘delete’ button.

6) What about for all you reading this post who are thinking, I like making web maps by hand-bombing some HTML code.’ First of all, good for you. However, lets say you accessing the Google Maps API with some Javascript and now want to embed your map on a website? HOW is this done? Well I’ll tell you.

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