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The Glacial Deposits of the Silverton Watershed

The Silverton Watershed is a glacial landscape in the West Kootenays. This complex natural system contains the SW-NE trending Silverton Creek which wraps around to flow NW, being fed by SW-NE trending Maurice Creek and Fennel Creek before reaching the Village of Silverton and discharging into Slocan Lake. The Silverton Watershed charges the Silverton Aquifer which underlies the Village of Silverton. Since the Silverton Aquifer is the water supply for the Village of Silverton, it is important to research how the geography of the Silverton Watershed affects the water quality of the Silverton Watershed.
The purpose of my research is illustrated below. The red area is of unknown surficial geology.


My mapping exercise focused on the area in the red circle below.

Slope analysis was the main focus of the research. For a Digital Elevation Model with 30m vertical accuracy, the bedrock slopes are on average steeper.  This is shown below.

For the Slope Map, the pixels greater than 45 degrees were selected and compared to the bedrock polygons.  There was only about 20% overlap, however the pixels did appear to identify bedrock where the supervised classification method could not identify the bedrock.

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